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Tortillacraft is a diversified tortilla manufacturer specializing in wheat flour, corn-wheat flour hybrid, and flavored recipes.

Tortillacraft Products
Tortillacraft Products
Tortillacraft Products

We have become the domestic and international supplier of choice by offering full product development services that include ideation, R&D, recipe formulation, packaging, and logistics, to our diverse customer base including:

    • CPG brand contract manufacturing based on either customer supplied or jointly developed recipes/specifications
    • Retail private label product development from concept to fully integrated supply chain on a national level
    • Foodservice and restaurant manufacturing based on target market requirements


Tortillacraft manufactures a variety of tortilla products.  Almost all of these items can be made with conventional and all natural designations. Our product line includes:

    • Pressed and die-cut wheat flour tortillas
    • Corn-wheat flour hybrid tortillas
    • Specialty, gourmet, and ethnic tortillas, wraps, and flatbreads
    • Flavored tortillas and wraps using a variety of spices, sizes, and textures

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